Aging is indeed inevitable. But the way you look by your age is a choice. Proper skincare routines can help fight the first sign of aging. Well the first thing that you need to know, is what not to do. So, before you consider going to a cosmetic surgeon, make sure you’re not doing any of these mistakes:


The feeling of having a squeaky-clean skin can be sometimes addicting. But cleansing too much can often stress out your skin. It strips away your natural oil and messed up your moisture levels. Over cleansing, can cause even dryness to the skin.

Fix Up: Use a gel-based cleanser. These gentle formulas offer you the same thorough cleansing power at the same time not stripping your skin dry. But if you have very oily skin, a good water rinse is perfect for you in the morning just to remove that oil or residue that you got while sleeping.

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SPF is the first and most effective defense against aging. Without it, your skin is vulnerable to damaging UV rays. These harmful rays can break down collagen on your skin, hyperpigmentation, and even speed up the formation of fine lines.

Fix Up: Before heading out, don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your exposed skin every morning, even if you spend all day indoors. Sunscreens with at least SPF 30 or higher is what you need.

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Your eye area is the most delicate part of your face, and most likely the area where you can see the first signs of aging. Your moisturizer isn’t just enough, an eye cream is very important to keep your eye area.

Fix Up: Apply for eye cream every morning and evening. Tap the product around your eyes using your ring finger. This finger is the weakest on your hand, so it won't tug your skin.

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Rubbing product into your skin might seem like the best way to go, but it’s actually the exact opposite. The pressure and friction will only wipe off the product, weaken elasticity, and eventually cause wrinkles. In the long run, this only leads to irreversible damage.

Fix Up: To spread any type of cream or liquid on your face, use very light, upward motions. You should barely be applying any pressure—you just want to ensure your skin is evenly coated. Then, pat in the product using the flats of your palms. This boosts absorption by “pushing” the product into your skin instead of dragging it across the surface.

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