Lasting Gel Eyeliner N #05 Gold Shell<br />(3g)


Lasting Gel Eyeliner N #05 Gold Shell

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Product features:
  • Gel eyeliner with rich color and luster to create clearly defined, remarkable eyes without smudging.
  • Spreads gently and smoothly, either thickly or finely, allowing you to depict the exact line you desire in a single stroke.
  • Dries quickly and close to your skin, keeping an even layer. Resistant to sweat and lipids, maintaining a just-applied beauty for a long period of time. <Waterproof and smudge-proof>
  • An elegant design, using frosted glass in a flower petal motif.
  • Contains Pure Crystal Powder. (Not contained in 01 and 02)
  • Crystal floral bouquet fragrance.

Directions for use:
Take an appropriate amount onto the brush and apply it along the lash line.

Beauty Essences:
  • Almond oil(Emollient)
  • Wild rose extract(Moisturizer)