Salon Style Shower Skin Care Shower head White

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The water is thoroughly obsessed with kindness to your skin. 0.3 mm average flow produces precise watering plate of stainless steel. Soft water flow is less irritating to the skin and protects the sensitive skin.
Also removes the impurities to mix tap water filter features can be a water saving up to 50% without compromising the feeling increased pressure allows watering plate with double structure.
Body conscious harmony to bathrooms and designed and made fashionable matte finish surface treatment on the surface.
Enjoy Interior decorate the bathroom as well as functional as well.

How to use

Vitamin C ball (sold separately)The replacement system. Just swap the ball longer.
Using 100% pure food grade vitamin C, so, you can use.

1. firmly grip parts of the shower head, turn and open the CAP.
2. put vitamin C ball 1.
3. close the CAP firmly with dry hands, is completed. Cap already eat if you firmly close using the golf team gloves. ( Please note will cause water leak, if not tight caps. )