Hyalurone Clear Veil Skin Powder

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This powder is formulated as an all-day "extract beauty treatment," just as the Placenta Control Base UV product. The ultimate finishing powder for enhancing beautiful skin after applying Control Base UV, it adheres beautifully and uniformly to the skin to maintain a fresh look for hours, preventing makeup deterioration and dullness. This sheer, silky, highly moisturizing powder creates the appearance of naturally flawless skin by employing a "color-filter effect" while concealing discoloration such as dark circles and yellowish dullness. A unique light-reflecting ingredient also creates a "soft-focus" look, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and pores.

Directions :

Saturate the powder puff with powder. Remove excess powder by tapping the puff on the back of the hand. Gently press the puff onto the skin and apply outward from the center of the face.