Nutritious Super-Pomegranate Radiant Energy 2-in-1 Cleasning Foam <br />(125ml)


Nutritious Super-Pomegranate Radiant Energy 2-in-1 Cleasning Foam

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This dual-action cleanser purifies skin for a look that's clean, fresh and radiant. Precision-crafted super-pomegranate complex, now with 2X pomegranate concentrate.

Use it two ways: Morning and night, it works as a gentle foaming cleanser. At night, once a week (or as needed), let it work for 2 minutes as a deep purifying mask. The Nutritious Super-Pomegranate Collection Pure Essence of Mediterranean Pomegranate Harvested from the pristine Mediterranean basin, our pomegranates are transformed through an 8-step whole-fruit cold-solvent extraction process to preserve power and potency. Precision-Crafted Blend of 8 Potent Ingredients Our masterfully crafted complex is infused with the pure essence of Mediterranean pomegranate, plus a patented Super-Berry ferment, essential vitamins and minerals. Created for and tested on Asian women in Asia. BENEFITS Purifies skin 2 ways: as daily cleanser or as mask. IDEAL FOR Dullness, loss of radiance Lack of energy, vitality Multi-benefits in one Gentle daily cleansing Weekly purifying mask 2X pomegranate concentrate FORMULA FACTS Dermatologist-tested Non-acnegenic; won't clog pores