SK-II Brightening Trial Set
1 set (30ml, 30ml, 15g)

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What it is:

SK-II Brightening Trial Set

A brightening collection of SK-II to begin the skin's journey towards crystal clear skin.

Discover a life-changing skincare regimen beginning with the signature Pitera™ rich Facial Treatment Essence, complemented by the clarifying Clear Lotion. Finish your 3-step skin care regimen with Cellumination Deep Surge EX -- a skin brightening cream designed to refine and illuminate from the cellular level. With its light, gel-like texture, this skin moisturizer is easily absorbed and delivers deep hydration for a smooth, bright complexion. Used together, skin becomes significantly clearer, whiter, and more radiant.

1 Facial Treatment Clear Lotion(30ml)
1 Facial Treatment Essence (30ml)
1 Cellumination Deep Surge EX (15g)