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Lancome Skincare Pouch (White)(LAN-146)<br />(1pc)

Lancome Skincare Pouch (White)(LAN-146)

“super nice and spacious..i like the design and the color..i ordered last night and i gt it the nxt day.ive been satisfied with everything i ordered..”

Date Added: 2018-05-04 by ruby ellaine corpuz
Acqua di Gioia EDP Spray<br />(100ml)

Acqua di Gioia EDP Spray

“Hi Miss Kryz, Good day! I am an avid viewer and subscriber (vlog) of you. This is my #SANTAKRYZ wish for Christmas and I would also love to share this product to my good dear friend Mae. I hope I got the chance to be picked as my reward to my self coz I know as a single mom buying an high end perfume is not my priority at the moment. Thank you and wish you all the best! Miles.”

Date Added: 2017-12-04 by miles samontina
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