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Professional Makeup Artist・Social Media Influencer
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Acqua Di Gioia Body Lotion<br />(75ml)

Acqua Di Gioia Body Lotion

“When i open up his bottle, feels like i was hypnotized by the smell, i love it and cant wait to use it...”

Date Added: 2017-05-15 by Eliemay Daming
Romance Black Pink Tote Bag(RL-059)<br />(1pc)

Romance Black Pink Tote Bag(RL-059)

“I was amazed by this bag, i really love the texture, and not so heavy yet spacious. Its big enough to put all your things inside. Unfortunately, it doesnt have a zipper but overall is perfect..”

Date Added: 2017-05-15 by Eliemay Daming
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